The Advantages

  • We provide the entire purchase for you – from order to delivery.
  • You have one contact person only for all your products.
  • Make a trial purchase with a product in advance – your profit will be apparent immediately.
  • You may add further products if you are convinced of our system and our offer appeals to you.
  • We also offer complete solutions and undertake your entire purchase for you.
  • DIE BESCHAFFER AG pursues an open and transparent price policy and strives to offer its services at cost-efficient and competitive prices.
  • All suppliers are our longtime partners. We can therefore guarantee an impeccable service and a reliable performance.

The Supply Chain

With DIE BESCHAFFER AG, you will profit from cost-efficient prices compared to conventional transactions. By having one single contact person only for your entire purchase of construction materials, we additionally take some weight off your shoulders during your purchase.