General Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale and Delivery

Terms of Delivery

Generally short-term. Specifically agreed upon terms of delivery are met whenever possible, but are without obligation. In case of a failure to comply with the terms of delivery, the purchaser may not demand damages in any case.

Shipping Costs

1 parcel: CHF 15.–
from 2 parcels up: CHF 9.– per parcel
1 palette: CHF 57.–
from 2 palettes up: post paid (if not registered differently).

Illustrations / Prices

The indications of measurements and inscriptions as well as the illustrations in our catalogue are without obligation. Alterations are subject to change without prior notice. Quotations of prices are without obligation.

Complaints / Shipment / Damages in Transit

Damages in transit, complaints, defects and so forth must be confirmed in written form by the respective carrier. Damages of transit must be disclosed in written form within 24 hours upon receipt of goods. Other defects / complaints must be reported in written form within a period of eight working days upon receipt of goods. SBB damages of transit are to be reported to the responsible hub. The unloading of goods is carried out at ground level or on a ramp as well as after the instructions and under the responsibility of the purchaser, who provides the necessary staff at his expense.


We will refund goods which are returned to us post paid due to verifiable production or material faults free of charge. The “DIE BESCHAFFER AG” company assumes no liability in case of improper use or handling through the customer or by a third party, in case of natural wear, excessive demands, inobservance of directions, deficient or faulty service, improper storage or similar cases. Especially a claim to compensation for damages which were not caused to the delivery item itself.

Due Diligence and Notice of Defects

The purchaser of the goods must examine them and notify us of possible defects in written form immediately. If we do not receive a justified notification within eight working days upon receipt of goods, the delivery will be considered as approved in terms of outstanding defects. No repairs or modifications of delivered goods are to be carried out at our expense without our written consent.

Return of Goods

Ordered and correctly delivered goods can only be returned according to prior agreement. Seasonal goods cannot be returned in an advanced season. Returns must be carried out under specification of the reason. Excepting the specified references given as examples, there is generally no right of return. Returns are only accepted upon prior written agreement, in which case the goods are to be sent back on a DAP basis and with the shipping note copy. Credit notes stemming from returned goods are not disbursed but are passed to account with invoices from other orders for goods. Custom-made products as well as specially procured articles cannot be returned in any case.


Firmly issued orders can only be withdrawn on account of delay in delivery if the exceedance of delivery was pointed out in written form and a fixed grace period has elapsed.


Other conditions made by the purchasers are only acknowledged as binding if they were confirmed in written form by the “Die Beschaffer AG” company.

Reservation of Proprietary Rights

The delivered goods remain our property up to the full payment of the invoice. Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction is our domicile.

Conditions of Payment

30 days net. Unwarranted value-added tax deduction, cash or shipping discounts are debited afterwards.